EPAX X10: The Best Professional 3D Printer

Hi everyone! This article is covering a new addition to the planet of 3D technologies. We shall talk about the EPAX X10 - a mid-sized professional LCD/SLA 3D printer by the USA-based manufacturer EPAX 3D. Providing an unbelievable degree of accuracy, stability and featuring a trusted design, the X10 is an excellent choice for experienced users in need of consistently high-quality results.

In this informative article, we are likely to review the key specs and features of the EPAX X10.

The EPAX X10 is just a qualified LCD-based UV resin stampante 3d professionale migliore. It comes with a mid-sized build level of 216 x 135 x 250 mm. It is a sturdy machine designed with reliability at heart: factory-calibrated parts, upgraded Z-axis drive with linear rails (this configuration is made to get rid of the Z-wobble as successfully as possible), and an all-metal balanced chassis makes the complete build quite robust.

0.1-inch 2K (2560 x 1600) LCD masking is integral in producing highly accurate results. The upgrade kit to 4K resolution can be available and sold separately. The equipment is controlled with an integrated 3.5-inch color touchscreen, and the connectivity options include Ethernet and USB.


The equipment features a well-balanced all-metal chassis and weighs around 19kg. It's available in dark colors with an orange see-through door. The latter features an appealing design solution: it opens upwards.

The USB port is situated quietly on the device that will be very convenient because it causes it to be a great deal more accessible than placing it on the machine's rear.


The EPAX X10 may be successfully used in a variety of applications migliore stampante 3d professionale 2021. It is suitable for producing tabletop miniatures, jewels, dental models, prototypes, and art designs. It will be a fine choice for professional applications and experienced makers.

The image below shows a too complicated model (a distorted torus) printed on the EPAX X10. The effect is impressively detailed and features a smooth surface finish.

Printable Materials

The equipment is suitable for all 405 nm wavelength 3D printing resins. EPAX also sells unique exclusive products designed for an extensive selection of purposes. There are heat-resistant, washable, and castable resins accessible by suppliers, in addition to several others.

Tech Breakdown: LCD Masking Technology

The EPAX X10 utilizes a reasonably standard LCD screen. EPAX chose to employ a reliable, tried, and right solution as opposed to using something revolutionary. The LCD 3D printing technology is relatively standard, and how it works is quite straightforward: an array of LEDs similarly flash the UV lights via an LCD screen. It is a fast solution, and considering that the lights are tightly focused, there's not much room for pixel distortion.

You can find disadvantages: the LED lights are slightly ruined every time throughout the process and have a brief lifespan. So LCD masking cells are handled as consumables by the manufacturers.

The screen's resolution in the EPAX X10 is relatively high: it's 2K (2560 x 1600 pixels), and how big the screen is 10.1 inches. It allows for a reasonable degree of pixel density and plays a huge role in producing accurate results. The 4K version of the EPAX X10 makes it feature higher resolution and a somewhat smaller (at 8.9 inches) masking screen. The screens were designed to supply uniform and even light distribution across the complete print area.

Smart Features

TThe EPAX X10 is managed using an integral 3.5-inch shade TFT touchscreen. The program is straightforward and minimalistic, so functioning the unit is a relatively spontaneous process. The connection possibilities contain USB and Ethernet, so the equipment might be managed using a PC.

Bottom Line

The EPAX X10 is a qualified LCD resin 3D printer with a mid-sized build quantity, user-friendly function, and extraordinary accuracy. Designed with consistency in mind, the apparatus doesn't provide much about high-tech, the latest, and perfect solutions. However, it is an ideal product with a muscular build, reduced Z-wobble level, and some upgradeability options.

The 85 microns of XY-resolution and 10 microns of the Z-axis resolution make high quantities of accuracy possible. So the resulting prints are impressively detailed and feature smooth surface finishes. The unit will be an excellent choice for professionals and experienced enthusiasts in a decent quantity of fields: from the production of tabletop miniatures and artworks to functional prototypes and dental models. The equipment can also be used in the jewelry industry.