European Food: are You Ready ?.

European people are extremely anxious about food. The former Soviet Union joined together 15 countries and most of us know numerous national dishes. We all know both their titles (that in many cases are hard to articulate:)) and just how of cooking. When my fellow person guess with an French cook he could cook a better pizza than this Italian guy. It absolutely was a genuine function outlined by bulk press!:) Consequently my other lost the bet while he could not know that the cooking could prepare superior to what he did in his café! He'd neither time or need to function performing all his best for mass generation!:)))

Certainly, European persons like equally preparing and eating. Nearly all our girls are exemplary cookers because they learn in the family first, then - at college, then - competing with their girlfriends (who's the most effective oven?

Here is the story. Among our former translators got to see us not too long ago. She lives in States now and possibly, a few of you recall her. Her name's Indira. She is an excellent and helpful person. She committed an American guy. We asked her about everything, including American food. You know what she said? She's baked meals himself twice for the whole year of staying there! It looks wonderful for just about any Russian girl! We Russian store prepare at the least twice each day (breakfast and dinner), occasionally - lunch. On weekends we indulge our close people who have something delicious (some baking for example). Twice per year is unbelievable! However, nearly all European people cannot manage restaurants therefore often. Our normal income is 150$ and a dinner at a restaurant charges at the very least 20$.

Therefore, it is much cheaper to prepare food on your own in Russia. In addition, ask your sweetheart about her beloved bowl and I'm positive she will be happy to tell you about her preparing specialty

Breakfast. You will find those who prefer to prevent morning meal at all or drink a cup of coffee. But they are not numerous and I'm not one of them:) In general, we eat eggs, porridges, sausages, macaronis, pancakes, milk products like cottage cheese, cheese, sandwiches, flakes and... perhaps, some remains of yesterday dinner. Our morning meal offers people energy until lunch. It is well known that the period from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. is the greatest time for working. Therefore break fast is extremely important.

t last I'd prefer to provide you with a kind little bit of guidance (from our Englishman). Before buying a resort accommodation with morning meal involved please learn their menu. Possibly, you like this English man, will provide your cash but never to be able to material yourself with one of these "wealthy" sausages and porridges. Maybe you'd greater buy some fruits and consume them in your space? Or simply order a cup of coffee. Food can be very expensive in a few European lodges and restaurants, so, you'd greater enquire about everything you are likely to consume before spending