Publishing for Income: Ditching the Content Generators

In strong contrast to racism, the great Martin Luther King implied that all of man should be judged by the content of their character rather than the colour of their skin; an excerpt of the popular "I have a dream speech". In turn, it is only fair that people be given a chance of an assessment of credibility based on the simple pedestal of personal character. This is built by the values you hold dear to your heart and the principles you choose to live by. Building the content of personal character is a conscious decision and one that every man gets the chance to modify by the day. A good starting point is to ask the question: What are my values, the principles I hold dear to my heart and choose to live by? A clear answer to the latter would yield an evaluation status and help forge a way forward by providing the present position and how much effort is required in the long run.

Ethics and moral values are very fast on the decline, but strangely enough, these were the pillars that preserved our world until now, giving us the barest opportunity of inheriting a place where there is just enough trust to transact business and go about our daily affairs. This is not say that it was a perfect world in the past, but comparatively it was a weightier issue in those days that one had the ability to live above-board as it was a more highly recommended subject, one that was even included in the educational curriculum. Whilst some writ might have clearly defined laws written down as a guide for religion, most of our values and principles are often unwritten but readily available if only we choose to imbibe and readily live by them.

In the process of building a great character, values such as the following would be of immense benefit: hold your word as your bond; build a passion and a commitment to the truth even if it hurts you and benefits another; look out for others, and you will not lack in your own personal needs; imbibe the system of philanthropy- giving The Content of yourself because of a better understanding of a larger purpose rather the system of incentives or rewards. Obviously, it would be quite easy to say that none of these recommendations is new but in fact the more potent thing is to do a reality check as to how much of these we practice in our daily lives. Amazingly, human beings know so much of the truth but how much of it is put into practice is questionable.

Making a conscious effort at improvement after learning from our faults and failings is a good way to go. It brings to the fore, the essential reality that things could be done better. Effectively, a problem realized is as good as half solved especially when compared to a man who doesn't yet realize or accept that there is a problem on the horizon. Molding the content of a great character can be a painful process but it is often worth the effort if it is examined from the right perspective. With constant practice, and a conscious repetition of what values need to be improved on, progress is gradually made in the journey to becoming a better person. It is also great to constantly evaluate how much improvement has been made even if the process is slow but progressive.